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Motor Vehicle Insurance Matters

Motor Vehicle Insurance Matters

Our vehicle is always dear to us and unfortunately if we were to meet with an accident, causing damage to our vehicle, it is very distressing.

If you are involved in an accident on the road that was not your fault and face injuries or have to bear material loss, you can claim for monetary compensation from the party at fault

You have the right to claim your costs of towing and repairing your vehicle, from the negligent driver at fault and our lawyers will help in fulfilling your claim end-to-end without your having to run from pillar to post. We will conduct the needful legal proceedings including drafting the claims letter, liaise with the other party & their lawyer, settle queries & objections and recover the money they owe you for your vehicle repairs & loss of use of your vehicle

In case you are injured in the road accident, we will also help you in getting compensation for your personal injuries. Moreover, we will seek compensation for your other expenses or loss, such as towing fees, loss of personal belongings and hire of a replacement vehicle.

If you happen to be at-fault driver in the crash, we will guide you as to how you can best settle the situation with the other party within the confines of law and regulation.

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